Monday, March 31, 2008

Not at All (Kimchi Pot Chronicles #3)

March 31, 2008

Professor Ahn Song Ho (안성호 교수님) will arrive in the Philippines together with his wife, Ms. Sunny. He will stay here for 6 months to conduct a research on federalism and decentralization in the context of South East Asian countries. Prof Ahn is my Professor in East Asian Cooperation class, spring semester, while I was in Dajeon University (대전 대학교) last year.

Today was very eventful. Tanya and Lee,
my fellow scholars under the ASEAN exchange student program, went with me to the airport to pick up the guests. Thankfully Tanya has a van with air conditioning working fine. I think the Koreans won't be able to stand the hellish heat, not to mention the smoke and dust, that they'll encounter traversing NAIA to UP Diliman.
We ate in Gerry's Grill for lunch. Of course we offered them Filipino foods like Sinigang (it was blockbuster), Sisig, Chopsuey, ripe mango juice and buko juice in buko fruit. We then reserved a unit in Diliman for them to stay. Then I went to work, taught four Koreans English. Work ended at 11:00pm, Philippine time.

Today reminds me that the ember still lives...the fragments are falling into place. They're not lost nor forgotten. Not at all.


betchay said...

sinigang always works! my husband's favorite pinoy food is sinigang na hipon.

Elliot said...

시니강이 한국 사람들이 좋아해죠? 와 그게 몰라요. 제 교수님이 다시 만냐면 다른 시니강을 먹어야 되요--히폰. ^^;

Bates M. Bathan (Kang Jun Su) said...

horeb, did i link it right?
i'm sorry, still new with this stuff...

근데 다른 시니강 어떻게 준비하니?

g said...

야 너!!! 그게 '대존' 아니거든!!! '대전'이야!!! 창피해 아닌 거??^^

Elliot said...

You know I'm bad at typing in Korean. Haha. 내 마음에 맞는 철자말하기를 "대전" 알아. 그래서 난 창피하지 않아. ㅋㅋㅋ