Sunday, April 20, 2008

In Return.

안녕하세요 한국 사람들! 저는 엘리엇이예요. 전 10개 월 동안 한국에 살았어요. 대한민국에 교환학생이었어요. 그 곳에 살 때는 모든 한국 사람들이 저에게 너무 작해서 고마웠어요.
지금 단순한 방법을 생겼는데... 학생들의 수필을 무료로 시정할 거에요. 그냥 여기로 연락해요.
이것으로 감사를 나타내는 제 방법이에요.

제 대학교: 대전 대학교 Daejeon University
전공: 사회학, 통계학 , 영어
장학금 인정하는 설립 : 아세안 ASEAN University Network


Anonymous said...

Wow you must have really loved it there. You must have met good friends in there too. I really would like to experience that too someday...

By the way, I didn't know you've been learning Korean too ^^

Anonymous said...

I think I would really prefer Koreans the most followed by Japanese :P

I've been studying Korean for more than two years (with random breaks) and as far as I know, I can only speak to Korean kids and Koreans around my age T T Good for you to have been "forced" to study it. That's a golden opportunity! ^^

I'll try my very best to get in there too. That's very much like my dream already. I hope I can >_<

Anonymous said...

I've been studying by myself and asking the help of my Korean friends at random times. I hope I could attend a Korean class though.

LoUraiNe said...

helo elliot tnx for the links... yep i have seen the inconvenient truth video by Al Ghor (did i spell it right?) quite scary..

Lutchi said...

Okay, I'm speechless with this post..kasi in other language. Anyway, enjoyed my visit and thanks for the hopped.See me again soon. TC

sollee said...

Hi..Thanks a lot for the linkage..and for the translation..^^; 설이. Did I click the right one? Hope i could learn Korean too...(: