Monday, May 5, 2008

Expressions Express

Dedication Post
I created this blogger account with only one thing in mind--to help me remember year 2007 I and my friends spent in Korea.
Precious Wound
I wrote this piece when I was in drama mode, few days after I arrived home.
Frozen in Time
This poem is about the aftershock of disengaging from a life I've known for 10 months. Rebounding phase.
Hope for Joy
At this point, I can say that I have overcome the longing of going back in time. This poem is about Spring in Korea and how I wanted to experience it again [in the future, so as not to be self-contradictory. ; )]. Oh, the cherry blossoms!
Still Single
The reason for my singlehood.
Creature of Habit
Post-partum depression hits again. It's about how I wanted to live in past and never move on. I know it's crazy. -_- But I think I expressed it here quite elegantly.

If there are any readers of my blog out there, I'm sorry because I can't really update the contents everyday...I'm preparing for my undergrad defense this month so, yeah, you know why I just can't afford to spend much time online.


Anonymous said...

About Precious Wound...
That's exactly how I feel after graduating from high school. My friend also used the term shards. Shards of glasses. Whenever I would look at pics, or play the songs we used to listen to a lot.. I get the same feeling.

But then, as you said in your Hope for Joy post, it's necessary to move on. And I think I am moving on ^^ I don't have the same feeling of longingness anymore.

That's exactly how I feel. Only for something else. I can really relate with your posts.

g said...

야 너,
이제 공부를 많이 힘들지만 괜찮는건지..
우리는 널 어떻게 하는데 알어..그래서 계속 열심히 해라..알았지??!!^ ^

Gabriel said...

Thanks for Commenting Ill add your link poh,Nice Blog and about those "Expressions Express" ")

purplefrogcat said...

we can echange links if you want..

Farah Deen said...

how interesting. i love the way you have written this entry. i will read each entry later on.

sollee said...

Madrama talaga ang buhay di ba at kailangan nating namnamin lahat ng saya, kalungkutan,at sa kabila ng lahat kailangan mo pa rin gumising para sa panibagong hamon na darating pa sa ating buhay..

Good luck to your thesis..It's gonna be a perfect one I'm sure..