Monday, July 21, 2008

Just another "F" Word

Our lives are bound to a lot of farewells. But this fact is just so unforgiving that most of us have never really learned to come to terms with it. Tomorrow you might be hearing the "F" word. And you could very well respond with yet another "F" word.

Today was Sir Philip Kim's last day in Duzon. His resignation was unwelcome, as it was unexpected, for those who love him. But for those who don't, well, I won't give a damn writing about what they could have felt. When I was a terrorized newbie in Duzon, Sir Philip became my reassurance that there is Good--as there is Bad--in any 'race'. To Team Rio, he was more than just a competent class manager; he was a friend, a good adviser, he was loved than feared. To others, Sir Philip could just be a source of abundant laman-tiyan. He won't mind. For so long as you'll be eating pichi-pichi, so long as you'll be passing by Amber, his name would just become more indelibly written on your memory. Philip. Pichi. Philip. Pichi.



sollee said...

It's it's better to say goodbye feeling loved by others than the opposite...but I had hoped that Mr. Philip had been good to you for I know you're such a nice person^^...btw aayusin ko na ang pag tag ko... hehe ..napagalitan kasi ako ng isang blogger sa life's happenings hehe j/k...^^ pag may tag aayusin ko na ngayon^^...O sige...ingatz na lang^^

betchay said...

being good or bad is not a matter of race... there are good and bad people anywhere... but the crab mentality is clearly our domain... LOL

jhabevs said...

I hate goodbyes. Everytime may despedida or kahit na anong send-off parties, ayaw kong mag-attend. I don't know why. :D

yoogiebear said...

Papa! Thanks for reading my blog :) I always read your blog too :) though pwede na kong magtinda ng dinuguan dito sa nosebleed at external hemorrhage whahahaha