Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Meaning in Minutes

Reading is my favorite pastime. I regard it as a virtual journey that could take me to places that I can only dream of going. I am not really particular about the source of the text—may it be a lap-shattering microbiology book that takes me deep to the cellular level, a newspaper that I fold into a pamaypay eventually, or a friend's blog—they all help to make the most out of my time. Liane Schmidt’s blog, Make the Most of Your Time, is a collection of inspirational advices, motivational posts, reflective entries, and basically things about the rationality of emotions. She also posts song lyrics coupled with videos from youtube—songs that can touch your sensibility to appreciate small but wonderful things in life. She also writes about her personal travels but she never misses to introspect a bit about how her comings and goings make her a better person at the end of the day. Perhaps not only the readers could make the most of their time in this blog, but also the blogger herself.

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