Friday, July 18, 2008

My Psychotic Heart

It is very difficult to harbor Mutual Love, especially if you're not sure that the other person shares the same feeling. ML is a psychotic hallucination of the heart, a mirage that you'd like to capture only to find out at the end that it indeed is a mirage--nothing more, nothing less.
전 진짜 미친다! T__T


yoogiebear said...

Horeb??!! Sino naman tong pinaglalaanan mo ng unrequited love mo??? Hhahaha!! Ikaw ha naglilihim ka na samin!

Elliot said...

hahaha. Mama Ej! ^^; Amishyuu! This post is just a product of my imagination made overactive my watching too much Korea nobeals!

sollee said...

Totoo ba yan!...j/k^^...Don't worry you're not alone hehe^^