Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Philippine Expeditionary Force to Korea

You know a lot of Wars, the mock and the great. But there is one War that could have been relegated to the oblivious hemisphere of your brain. It was that War where 7,000 Filipinos fought in to reclaim Freedom that could not be their own. It was a battle that showered a foreign land with blood of rare valiance; the blood of those who fell in the Korean War.

If you want to hear firsthand accounts from a Korea War veteran, give this a click. I think your time will be better spent reading that than poring over the hottest male and female Korean stars.

By the way, have you ever wondered why a Filipino would wear this kind of clothing?

(image taken from a 500-peso bill)

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sollee said...

Yes..Ninoy was sent then to Korea as a war correspondent..Imagine decades ago we have shed blood for the Koreans...now we shed tears out of their Korea Novelas...Hay sana bigyan naman nila ng maraming tulong itong ating naghihirap na bansa!