Thursday, July 10, 2008

Weapons of Mass ECtraction

Hola blogangs! I'm currently holding a competition called Drop that EC Bomb Contest!

The rule is simple: My top 3 EC droppers will each receive a special photo I took from North Korea's Geumgangsan in Summer of 2007.

Many people (including South Koreans) reckon Geumgangsan to be the most majestic mountain in the Korean peninsula. I was lucky to have walked North Korean soil as it was a privilege to ASEAN scholars 2007. Many thanks to DJU and to the professors that sponsored us in this 3-day excursion to the North.

Bombing starts today till July 30.

Atomic Bomber Prize Geumgangsan Waterfall

Hydrogen Bomber Prize Geumgang Landsape

TNT Bomber Prize Geumgangsan Stream

Photo properties: 1280x800, without the watermarks, color-enhanced.


Anonymous said...

have fun! wala akong EC e kaya drop na lang ako ng comment :D

betchay said...

those are really nice pictures... i haven't been there eh... but my husband wants to go there someday... jas had been there

karl said...

reb the photos were amazing. And the free tibet thing, cool. It brings out the tibak in you. But, since you were a former LFS, don't you think you're opposing Mao's dreams for Tibet?Hehehe!