Friday, August 22, 2008

Saturday Morning!

I've never felt so ante meridianly hungry in my life! I just woke up and I felt my stomach churning from starvation but I still managed to turn on my PC and write this entry. Anyhow, I saw this photo of my first ever lunch in DJU cafeteria in my cluttered desktop:

The side dish is an assortment of fruits with light mayo and milk. There's also twirly pasta Korean style spag, fish fillet, and bean curd soup.
Oh, I miss Korean food.

참! I'll head off to the dining!

Have a great weekend (for my Asian friends), and T.G.I.F. (for my Western blogmates).


Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

what i like about korean food is that its healthy they put a lot of veggies in their dishes. It also has very little or probably no MSG. I kinda miss it too =)

Metropolismom said...


I love your blog, it gives me some insight on what to expect and what to see in Korea. Lucky for you, you are an exchange student there. If I have enough money to make a grand tour, I will choose South Korea instead of USA. Post more about what you see and your experiences there with pics.

Study hard! Ajah!

Oh, btw, tell Yeho to do something with his comment form. I can't post a comment in his blog. Thanks!