Saturday, September 10, 2011

Inha University Scholarship (Korea Scholarship)

Inha University is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Korea that is renowned for its engineering department. The uni offers scholarship biannually. So try your luck and collect all those required documents!

Download the brochure for a better view.


Com said...

Thanks for sharing this, i have to say that you have put some

though in writing this post. Keep it up! Com

Pasko said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. I might say that you did a good job composing this. Have a good one, Pasko, Maligayang Pasko

Anonymous said...

elliot,where exactly can you take those examinations?

jinju said...

Elliot,may mga scolarships ka pa bang alam? graduate studies..

Elliot said...

@ Anon: The language exams can be taken in TOEFL language centers.

@ Jinju: I'll post more scholarship opportunities here on my blog. As of present, the offers for the Winter Semester Aug-Dec 2011 are already closed.