Monday, December 31, 2012

Skin Whitening vs Skin Lightening

*Not a paid post. This is an honest, first-hand review of G-Cell and Omega King*

I just want to share a very surprising discovery about the difference between A) Skin Whitening and B) Skin Brightening.
We often see the claim "brighten skin tone" instead of "whiten skin" in South Korea; indeed, Etude, Missa, Sulwhasoo, and other high-end cosmetics use the former label.

I do not encourage the use of glutathione because of the unnatural effects it has on people who take them. My colleague, for one, looks as if she has been painted white. It looks so unnatural and 'un-belonging' to her characteristic.

Skin whitening, in my opinion, is less desirable than just having to regain one's real complexion before sun exposure, aging, and other factors that make the skin dull. The question is: How do we naturally brighten our skin to what it once was?

Internal Supplementation.

I have been using G-health products for three months and I have noticed a very significant change.
Absolutely, I'm a no glutathione and serum/lotion guy simply because I thrive outdoors and my skin is already light; I am not desirous to be pale. A clean, healthy, glowing skin would do.

Despite having less melanin and going out often without sunblock, I was able to retain (as they describe it) my petal-textured and even skin--the one I was clothed with before I turned 20s. I would have to thank the only two products that helped turned back the clock. One word for their effects: rejuvenation.

Not only did Ghealth products help my skin become brighter--not whiter--they also kept acne at bay. Here's the before and after photo with a two-month interval.

What do you think?

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