Friday, January 4, 2013

Job Opportunity in Korean Air (Airline Industry Employment)

Employment Opportunities in Overseas Korean Air Office
The Korean Air is offering employment opportunities in Korean Air Overseas Office for students currently studying in Korea. The main purpose for the opportunity is to find students with passion and sincerity to become a global leader and develop with the growth of the region.
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1.    Application Acceptance Period : Deadline (January 21st, 18:00)
 : From January 4th, 2013 to January 21st, 2013 18:00
2.    Duty Departments : In international Passenger/Cargo overseas office
3.    Duty (Working) Areas (Following Countries)
- Brazil, Peru, Czech, Turkey, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Russia, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE
 Or the Regional Headquarters of the respected countries listed above
4.    Salary / Compensation : Will be discussed afterwards
5.    Qualification Standard
¦  University (College) graduate in Korea/Russia/Uzbekistan (graduate-to-be)
¦  English Speaking Required, Test score holders preferred as follows
* TOEIC (Over 750) or TEPS (Over 630) or IBT (Over 87)
¦  Korean Bilingual will be reviewed with preference
6.    Application Process
m  Send applications to Korean Air HR Department (
7.    Recruitment Process
¦ Application registration " Application screening " English/Korean Test/Presentation
   " Company Interview " Final Announcement
   - English : Speaking Test, Korean : Translation Test
8.    Reference
¦ Results of the application screening will be announced on January 31st. (THU)
¦ The following schedule can be adjusted based on the Company schedule.
¦ For inquires, please contact Korean Air HR Department as follows,
- NAME : Manager (Mr. RHEE, June Young) / EMAIL : juneyrhee at koreanair dot com


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