Sunday, March 2, 2014

Health Protection through Stock Market Investment

An investment policy that's difficult to beat! (Nope, your VUL can't.) It's called Health Invest.
Here's a snapshot.

It starts at P30,000 premium/year for 10 years only.

1) 500,000 guaranteed critical illness coverage upon diagnosis
2) 500,000 guaranteed life coverage
3) 500,000 guaranteed accident and health coverage
4) 50,000 medical reimbursement
5) 20,000 waiver of premium if owner is diagnosed with critical illness
6) Continuous cash accumulation via stock market withdrawable at any point in time.

So that's P1,570,000 guaranteed benefits vis-a-vis P300,000 total deposits.
Not to mention the cash growth (9M projection at age 65, enough for a comfortable retirement).

It's a fantastic way to protect your savings from the what-ifs of health. If you agree, an inquiry to horebelliot @ yahoo . com is much welcome.

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