Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's More of a Win-Win Situation

I have not realized the value of having an insurance company covering my skin when something unwanted happens. Of course, it is but common sense that insurance companies win 99% of the time because: 1) they have at their disposal the right-hemisphered people doing all the risk computations for them, 2) you would not want to be sick, your car damaged in a crash, or a loved one suffering from a chronic disease, 3) assuming that you are careful with your valuables, that includes your life, would mean reducing the probability of the insurance company paying for your lack of good luck. But then no one could predict the future. And paying a relatively small amount of premium to an insurance company would at least give you psychological comfort if nada nada happens. Recently, I have heard from my Korean friend that he accidently crashed onto another car and the fault was his. It was good that he has an auto insurance. Though that insurance just covered for the other person’s car and not his own, the expenses the accident incurred was made a little bit less hefty. If you don’t want to play chances, visit EZ Insurance Portal. It is a comprehensive site where you can avail of home, auto, health, and life insurance. Visit their insurance blog as well for more info.

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