Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Life is What You Make It

There is no boring life. Each and every one of us has unique stories to tell and we are all award-winning directors in our own right. I recently stumbled upon a very personal blog of Ms. Jane who is a Filipina, now residing in the United States. I wonder about how she made a transition from living in Nueva Ecija (a not so developed province in the Philippines) to the Seattle, USA. She has been living there for 12 years already. I wanted to hear her mini stories for I wanted to emigrate once…Leaving a culture and a way of living must have not been a piece of cake for her, or for anyone who has immigrated. Ms. Jane says: Life Is What You Make It">Life Is What You Make It"> . She must have played her cards well. Or fate must have been just smiled at her. Or it could be both. In her blog you can find all sorts of stories ranging from personal to informative to critical content. I think you’d enjoy hanging around her blog. Do give it a visit.

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