Monday, July 7, 2008

Art Speaks

I admire people who walk their talk. In the blogsphere, people who are faithful to their self-anointed descriptions and live up to their titles are quite difficult to find. You can be a mommy with a lot of (your sister’s) children photos in your blog; you could be an I.T. expert with a lot of copy-pasted materials from Netgear; but you could never be a web designer if your own blog is in need of a major overhaul. Good thing I’m not a self-proclaimed web artist. My blogs easily gives me away. T___T I found this walking-the-talking blog of a freelance web designer and I found her banner to be a real eye-candy. The object of the art composition (yes, I think what she made deserves this title) are flowers, which are drawn using pastel, vectors, and color pencils. In all the elements of her blog you can see art. It’s very refreshing to read entries with a nice green background; enticing to click on elegantly lettered links; nice to visit her blog in general. ^^;

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