Monday, July 7, 2008

Prease Googer! Arigatoo.

My current PR (please don’t ask) prompts me to constantly look for ways on how to improve my Google rank. As much as I don’t want to reckon Google as the god of the blogsphere (my homepage is Yahoo! since net immemorial), I just can’t be harping on lost opportunities from advertisers. I am resolved. I have to do whatever html-ly possible to boost my blog’s rank. 도움을 줄까요? ^^; Using Yahoo! to look for some answers, I came across this blog , which can answer my long-standing question: How to create and promote a blog? Youlkisblog is very purist. Thankfully it posts only tips on blog promotion and improvement. I think you won’t find anything tangential to its theme; a total contrast to my blog. Well, sometimes variety breaks boredom. I am not saying that this blog is boring though. In fact, I think it’s well-defined and specialized that you might not want to look for another blog-resource. Try giving this blog a shot if you’re looking for easy-to-understand reference on starting and improving your blog.

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betchay said...

i didn't care much about page rank before... i just learned about how important it is in november of last year... seriously.