Sunday, July 6, 2008

But I Do Know Some Balls!

I took archery and bowling as my P.E. subjects when I was in college for I really never liked uber active sports. Rugby, football, basketball, and those hack-and-slash ball games were definitely a no-no, even if I receive an invitation plus free snacks for a basket ball tryout (this actually happened, but I declined) . I also don’t know anything substantial about these games, especially about football until I had Korean students who are really into the sports. They ask me occasionally what my favorite sports is (and I answer bowling), who my favorite soccer player is (David Beckham; I’m oblivious of other players’ names), whether soccer is famous in the Philippines (“perhaps, but I don’t play soccer"). Alas, I think in tomorrow’s class I’d be able to share something that’s soccer-related. I came acrossEPL-English Premier League while stumbling upon and it features the latest live scores and league tables of the most popular soccer league in the world.

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