Sunday, July 6, 2008


I am a member of various social networking sites but I only maintain my friendster and multiply accounts. Other networking sites, though free, are not hassle-free. Their layout is very congested. My eyes (or rather, my brain) just can’t take all the links and the possible ins and outs they offer. I think the same goes when I chose payperpost to sponsor my site in the blogging market. I just find order and system in this website. All that’s visible to you are those that are necessarily clickable, and the other optional links are relegated to the periphery of your vision. It is also very easy to browse and reserve for existing opportunities. You don’t need to wait for days just to know that your bid has been dismissed. Payperpost shows you all the opportunities available and groups them in three categories: When you see an opportunity highlighted in white, it means that it’s up for grabs; if it’s in grey, it means that it’s up for grabs—-before (so you have to act fast in reserving available opportunities); and if the opportunity is in red, it means that you’re not eligible to take on the task (either your location is discriminated or your page rank needs some more boost). If you want to get paid to blog, I really recommend payperpost.

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