Sunday, September 3, 2017

Top Insurance Company in the Philippines 2016

Since many billboards and news bytes are misleading, I decided to upload the official data from the insuranc commission for 2016. Premium income is not the benchmark if company stability. It judt speaks of revenues. Better if we look at Net Income (revenue minus operating cost) and Net Worth (assets minus liabilities).

Check it out.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Sore Throat and Tonsillitis Natural Remedy

Tonsillitis and singaw (canker sores) are plain annoying. I tried tawas but it is painful for 30 seconds so I tried looking for a milder alternative and found this!

Truly a holy grail for anything inflamed in my mouth. :) Not afraid of another bout of singaw anymore. Hurrah!

Monday, October 31, 2016

One scary advice: "Invest Long-term"

"Long-term investing" - is an advice pitched by some financial consultants, mutual fund solicitors, and those who are basically unaware that profits are like fruits--they have to be picked when they're ripe.

So, is long-term investing profitable? Generally, no. I might have shattered your investment notion so I must have to spell out the nuance: Investing as a behavior should be long-term, but your invested money should not be. If your financial consultant makes the "long-term investment" approach, then he or she is either lazy or uninformed about how the market moves. The market is a cycle. As such, it demands attention for profit-taking.

What to do then?
A) Talk with your (expert) financial adviser and instruct him or her to withdraw the profits before a market correction.
B) Instruct your (expert) financial adviser to regularly add up to your investments only when the Index or share prices are down.
C) Learn A and B for yourself.
D) Avail the services of a private fund manager.

Walang forever. There is a time for everything.

Below are screencaps that drive the point:

Ayala Corp 12-month cycle
PLDT 5-year cycle

Saturday, August 27, 2016

On Human Rights

Thought bubble.

Human rights takes the backseat when it meets self interest in the eye (say, national self preservation of absorbing countries). Consider the Rohingyans, Syrians, and other refugees. Human rights were not fully and only relatively upheld although measures to alleviate the suffering groups were taken (citizen vs non-citizen).

Aren't we all absolutely humans as declared by default when 'human' rights is laid out and invoked?

Is the concept of human rights then less absolute than what we think it is? If it is so inalienable, why do we see it alienated from its bearers so often--so often when it is pitted against other values, interests, and urgencies?

With these questions, I find it difficult to talk about human rights in absolute terms without sounding hypocritical.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Law, Fairness and Duterte

Morning thought bubbles
*your thoughts are solicited*

Should the law apply equally to all even to this criminal? The UN agrees with death penalty only for egregious crime against mankind (Hitler would be a candidate).
But what is egregious?

My initial thought is that law abiding citizens must benefit first from the law; drug addicts have forfeited their principal privilege.
But what is law abiding?

I think law and fairness are two different things.
Law focuses on institutional limits and freedoms.
Fairness on an actor's decision.
The former (law) feels safer; it is less in danger of being abused. The latter (fairness), can easily slip to tyranny amd arbitrariness.

However, it is fairness, NOT law, that we seek so deeply.

Humans approximate fairness in form of law, and it fails miserably.  Leaders try to be fair, and find themselves turning into tyrants.

Where does this paradox leave us?

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Stocks Workshop Seminar (May 21)

Enrollees are welcome!
Know how to effectively participate and profit immediately after the training. Indeed a no non-sense.

*Anyone who does not have any prior knowledge about the stock market
*Beginners who want to refine their understanding and skills

1. Understanding the market structure
2. Technical framework for analysing price action
3. Fundamental framework for predicting medium to long term price action
4. Investing for the medium to long term
5. Trading for the short term
6. Plenty of exercises/worksheets

Venue: Net Lima BGC
Date: May 21, 2016 (1-4pm)
Discount: Students enjoy a 50% off
Lecturer: UP professor, master trader, and senior executive financial consultant

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Korean Certification Course (Ateneo de Manila University)

Anyone interested in this certificate course? See course description below.

**Ateneo Korean Studies Program Certificate Course**

“Understanding Korean Business and Work Culture”

This course is offered to Filipinos who are planning to work/currently working with Koreans / in Korean companies. It aims to introduce learners to Korean work culture and provide them with opportunity to engage Korean companies/Korean-owned enterprises in the country. The course also endeavors to contribute to the improvement of Filipino-Korean relations in the workplace.

*Week 1-2: Overview of Korea (Pre-War, Post-War, Modern Periods) and Philippines-Korea Relations
*Week 3-4: Business Practices, Labor Laws and Taxation in Korea
*Week 5: Korean Businesses in the Philippines
*Week 6: Visit to 1-2 Korean Companies within and/or outside Metro Manila
*Week 7-8: Work Etiquette and Expectations from Workers (Employer’s Perspective)
*Week 9-10: Working in Korean Companies / with Koreans – Stereotypes, Issues and Challenges + Synthesis

10 Saturdays: 2016 June 4 to August 6 | 9:00AM to 12:00PM
30 hours (3 hours per session)

Jeanette D. Espinocilla – Lee
Korean Business Consultant
MA International Studies Major in International Commerce, Seoul National University
0917 305 8220 |