Thursday, January 15, 2009

Practical Distance Learning

The nature of jobs today is very irregular. If you work in a call center, you have to bear with shifting schedules; the irregularity sometimes disqualify you enjoy life in ways you could indulge in before. Medical transcriptionists, though having more control of their time as compared to their peers in the graveyard, have to deal with the high mobility their job demands of them. These are but only two jobs that can bar anyone from pursuing master’s degree, or even a bachelor’s degree. Good thing one of my friends was able to get a higher diploma from a distance learning institute. These days, distance education has become more widely accepted and acknowledged. Online institutes have refined their craft, and have mastered the art and science of pedagogy in the virtual classroom. If you are looking for a credible distance learning institution, make no mistake with Ashworth College. It offers a very diverse range distance education programs and lets you study in the most comfortable place—your home. Academic programs in Ashworth College include nutrition, diet, and health sciences, real estate appraisal skills, small business management, and others. If circumstances allow me, I’d choose to enroll under Ashworth College with a diploma in Fashion Retailing. I think an online environment, given its wide interconnections, can truly give a practically satisfying and competitive curriculum on fashion and design.