Monday, January 21, 2013

Fund Raising for Organizations

Looking for a source of funds?
Our company has just launched a fund-raising activity that gives out P25,000.00 cash incentive. Feel free to peruse the attached proposal.
Raise funds. Be socially significant.
Join our Love for Coffee Program from Feb-March.
Org anniversaries, support for social causes, charities, and activities like fun-runs can benefit greatly from this scheme.
Philippine-based Orgs that sign up are deemed not to experience financial loss in participating.
Attached here is the fund-raising proposal.
Contact me for the .pdf proposal.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Fund Raising for Organizations

Join my Love for Coffee Program!
Raise funds. Be socially significant.

For astute organization heads: Move 320 boxes of coffee for 350pesos/30 sachets and your organization gets P25,000 in cash for any social cause of your choice.

Contact 0921 six six 3 880eight for supplies.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Global Korea Scholarship 2013

1. 2013 Applicant Schedule (Prearranged)
a. Submit the Application: 28 Jan~ 18 March
b. Primary Selection by Daejeon University: 1 April~12 April
c. Secondary Document Screening(Second Selection) by NIIED: 25 April~ 26 April
d. Announcement of the Second Selection Acceptance: 30 April
e. Admission Selection for Student(Including Adopter) who Recommended by Official Residence (Third Selection): 1 May ~ 31 May
f. Physical Examination the Student who passed Second Selection: 1 May ~ 31 May
g. Announce the names of the applicants who passed the all selections: 17 June
h. Issue the Visa and Purchase Airline Ticket: 18 June ~ 31 July
i. Entry Korea: 26 Aug ~ 28 Aug
j. Orientation: 29 Aug ~30 Aug
k. Classes Begin: 2 Sep ~

a. Foreigners whose parents are both foreigners
※ Dual Citizen is not accepted
b. Students who have good both Physical and Mental Health
※ Must pass the Physical Examination (The prescript form provided)
c. Under age of 40 by 1 Sep, 2013 (Born after 1 Sep 1973)
d. By 31 Aug, 2013, Student must have Bachelor’s degree.
※Disaccreditationwhen student doesnot earn the degree by31 Aug, 2013
※No student who was in Korean University or graduate Korean University in the past
e. A minimum of 3.0/4.0 GPA, 80% out of 100% percentage, or equivalent grade
※If it is hard to submit GPA or Percentage transcript, submit certificate of rank(within 20% of top rank)
f. Optional: Test of proficiency in Korean (TOPIK , KLPT) or in English (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS)

3. Required Documents
a. Required Documents: 1 Original and 3 Copies for each document by carrier.
※Address:Hyehwa Cultural Center #409,Institute of International Affairs, Dajeon University, 300-716, Korea
※Documents in languages other than Korean and English must be submitted with a notarized Korean translation.
No. Name of Document Master Degree PhD
1 Application
2 A letter of Self-Introduction
3 Plans for Studying in Daejeon University
4 Recommendation letters
5 Written Oath
6 Self-Health Check List
7 Certification of the Expectant Graduation (Notarized)
8 Undergraduate Transcript(Notarized)
9 Certification of the Expectant Master’s Degree Graduation (Notarized)
10 Master’s Degree Transcript
11 Copy of Passport
12 Korean Language Exam Certificate
13 English Language Exam Certificate
14 Thesis (1~2 Papers)
15 Prize Record (1~2 Papers)

b. Notes
-Student can apply only one university. Applicants who apply more than 1 institution are
ruled out.
-All submitted documents are not returned.
-When the information is found to be false, admission will be revoked even after enrollment.
-Copied documents need to get stamped or signed bythe recommendinginstitution.
-Must be accurate in self-physicalcheckuplist. The admission may be cancelledwhen a serious disease is foundduring physical examination which will be carried out after being announced as a successful candidate.
-Submit Printed Thesis (1~2 copies)
-Submit the copy of prize record (Notarized)
- Applicant cannotchange the university oncethe admission is confirmed.

4. Contact Details
a. Phone: +82 42 280 2767/ +82 42 280 2126/ +82 42 280 2489

Rooibos Tea: An Unheard of Protector of Youth

I just had my first sip of Rooibos Tea from Ghealth and how I love the brew! The health benefit is another story though, and so I did my own research.
Stumbling upon a post like this is quite rare. Here, I was able to find published and peer-reviewed articles that justify why you should get a cupful of Rooibos tea now.

The health benefits of rooibos tea seem to be mostly due to the flavonoids aspalathin and nothofagin, although other compounds in rooibos may also play a part. Here's a summary of the benefits:

  • Acts as an antioxidant and increases SOD levels
  • Prevents DNA damage
  • Cardiovascular protection through ACE inhibition
  • Suppresses fasting glucose levels
  • Improves glucose uptake and insulin secretion after a meal
  • Aids in liver tissue regeneration
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Acts as a bronchodilator and antispasmodic
  • Inhibits lipid peroxidation and brain aging
  • Rooibos extract improves immune defects such as HIV

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Full-time English Language Teacher

Three FT English teachers to Koreans are needed asap. 

What: Language instruction
Where: 2nd Floor Annex Building, Royal Place, Commonwelth Ave., Quezon City
How much: 15k monthly 

Please send your CV to horebelliot at yahoo dot com.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Field Interviewer Job (Philippines)

Part-time job: Duration - 1 month as field interviewer
Salary: earn as much as 25k/month (assured min. of 22k)
Perks: all expense paid, get to travel Palawan and Visayas.

Fresh grads are encouraged to apply. CV enhancer! The survey is funded by DRDF-UPPI.

Scholarship in Korea 2013

Daejeon University in South Korea is looking for bright students interested in learning Korean and pursuing their higher education in South Korea. 
Daejeon University has passed the two major Quality Assurance System assessed by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology of Korea. One was for the overall University Quality Assurance System and the other was for the International Education Quality Assurance System(IEQAS). Only less than 30 universities out of over 300 universities in South Korea have passed one of these Quality Assurance Systems. DJU proudly announce that we have passed both QAS. 
For those interested in achieving an undergraduate degree from DJU might consider attending our Korean Language Center for a semester or two to reach appropriate Korean Language Proficiency level (TOPIC Level 3) and then be admitted to our undergraduate program. 

If you are interested, please contact immediately. The admission process ends at the end of January. 
Scholarship: With excellent high school GPA and good academic performance at our Korean Language Center, students will be able to receive 100% tuition waive as a scholarship for the first semester of their undergraduate education. Students’ academic performance will then be assessed at the end of each semester to decide on the scholarship rate of the following semester. If you are interested in pursuing higher education and career in South Korea, come to Daejeon University!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Enhance your Health with Ghealth

I personally use Omega King in conjunction with G-Cell. One of the things I noticed is that my skin got way better than it was before taking the supplements--hoorah to acne-free face! Well, that's just skin-deep. I feel that the detox process happens inside and on the cellular level.

Here are the top 9 Ghealth products from New Zealand. You can reach me via email if you want to place an order and/or become a distributor.

Click the image for full resolution.

United Nations Development Program job vacancies:

1. Information Management Analyst, Deadline: 13 January 2013
2. HUmanitarian Affairs Analyst (3 vacancies), Deadline: 13 January 2013
3. Communications with Communities Officer (2 vacancies), Deadline: 13 January 2013
4. Administrative & Finance Assistant (2 vacancies), Deadline: 13 January 2013
5. Messenger, SC, Deadline: 11 January 2013

For more details, visit UNDP website.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Beginner Japanese Course

This is a poster from Japan Foundation, Manila and you are invited to sign up for the basic Japanese course on writing Katakana and Hiragana. The details appear below.

Job Opportunity in Korean Air (Airline Industry Employment)

Employment Opportunities in Overseas Korean Air Office
The Korean Air is offering employment opportunities in Korean Air Overseas Office for students currently studying in Korea. The main purpose for the opportunity is to find students with passion and sincerity to become a global leader and develop with the growth of the region.
( or

1.    Application Acceptance Period : Deadline (January 21st, 18:00)
 : From January 4th, 2013 to January 21st, 2013 18:00
2.    Duty Departments : In international Passenger/Cargo overseas office
3.    Duty (Working) Areas (Following Countries)
- Brazil, Peru, Czech, Turkey, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Russia, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE
 Or the Regional Headquarters of the respected countries listed above
4.    Salary / Compensation : Will be discussed afterwards
5.    Qualification Standard
¦  University (College) graduate in Korea/Russia/Uzbekistan (graduate-to-be)
¦  English Speaking Required, Test score holders preferred as follows
* TOEIC (Over 750) or TEPS (Over 630) or IBT (Over 87)
¦  Korean Bilingual will be reviewed with preference
6.    Application Process
m  Send applications to Korean Air HR Department (
7.    Recruitment Process
¦ Application registration " Application screening " English/Korean Test/Presentation
   " Company Interview " Final Announcement
   - English : Speaking Test, Korean : Translation Test
8.    Reference
¦ Results of the application screening will be announced on January 31st. (THU)
¦ The following schedule can be adjusted based on the Company schedule.
¦ For inquires, please contact Korean Air HR Department as follows,
- NAME : Manager (Mr. RHEE, June Young) / EMAIL : juneyrhee at koreanair dot com