Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Free Nepali Food (Nepal-Korea Friendship Day)

A Friend asked me to reblog this from her Facebook. Nepal –Korea Friendship Day It aims to boost the long lasting Nepal-Korea friendship through cultural exchange. The main attractions of the event are Nepali Food, Nepali Tourism Promotion activities, Handicraft, Nepali and Korean Cultural shows, Experience Nepali Art, Nepal Photo Zone and many more. FREE Nepali food , fun, gifts and many more. Everyone is invited to come! When : 18 the Nov, 2012 , 11-5 pm Where: Gwanghamum , Seojong ro Park

Christmas is in the air!

...and it's generally getting colder especialy past 6pm. My skin is basically oily but my lips are prone to being chappy. Dry and pale lips can turn the whole face unsightly, at least for me, who envies the naturally pink and moist pouts of some people.

I googled the causes of unmoisturized lips and although it isn't new, it is something I didn't practice till recently--water therapy. Hydrating daily with a glass of water every hour, and filling in my tummy with 500ml of h2o in the morning prevent deep creases in my lips from forming. Although i'm quite happy with the regimen, a lipbalm is still a necessity. I found out an extra mentholated all-natural lip balm in Ilog Maria. It has a website where you can purchase products from bees: honey, beeswax, propolis, etc. The texture of the balm is not quite like its chemically-laden counterparts; it's a bit on the softer side so just one swipe on  the upper and lower lips would do the trick. The effect lasts for hours and the tingling menthol sensation for about an hour or so. It's the only balm that I can say is truly cooling. Even the Mint Lipbalm of The Body Shop can't compare.
Yeah, I' wearing it right now just before I hit the sack. For just 70pesos, I won't hesitate to swipe it liberally everytime I feel the urge to.