Tuesday, July 29, 2008

When Push Comes to a Shove

The general prices of commodities in the Philippines have increased by leaps and bounds. Before our family does not really feel incremental price hikes because they are monetary trivial relative to my father’s income. But that’s history. These days my mom really needs to re-budget, reallocate, re-prioritize her allotment. My father now needs to send us extra money from abroad as my mom’s salary alone would not suffice to sustain our liability-filled house. What is happening in our family is not a trouble (if you adhere to the sociological definition of the word), but is a problem. Scarcity of resource is typical of families in the Philippines. Sometimes we just don’t have any other choice but to borrow money from creditors. However abhorring borrowing is for us, we just cannot afford not to pay my two sisters’ tuition fees. I found this payday cash loan when I was looking for a credible firm to borrow cash from. Though we fail to satisfy one of the requirements, which is being a US citizen, I think for those who are, giving urgentcashloan.com a shot could give you a good perspective of loaning. This site especially caters to people who are in immediate need of cash. And one can borrow up to 1,500U$D in a snap. Payment terms are also very congenial. ^^;

Achilles' Plastic Heels

Handling money needs utmost discipline. It is like a dried bacon stick on a dog’s snout that at anytime—and in the wrong time—could be gobbled up. Some people are better at handling cash; they are more tamed seeing that their stash is slowly getting thinner hence they stop their uber compulsion to splurge. There are also some people who prefer using credit cards. And believe me, 5 out of 10 fail in good credit management. It is a just good thing that there are various internet sources that offer valuable advices on how to handle the plastic money. Plastic as it is, it should not be haphazardly swiped through just any visible slot. Online Credit Cards by Your Credit Network is one of the best sites I have visited that provides credit card information: credit card issues (American Express, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Citibank, etc.), credit card features (low interest cards, reward credit cards, cash back cards, student credit cards, business credit cards, etc.) Online Credit Cards, with its wealth of professional and up-to-date credit card information, could just only help you become one of the five people who successfully escapes the credit card trap. OCC’s three easy steps: Research, Compare, and Apply will help you choose what credit card you need. You can visit OCC’s blog as well for more information.

Home and Mortgage Loans

We lived for 10 years transferring from one apartment to another. I was still young then so I really cannot remember the tribulations of all the comings and goings from one abode to another. But if there is one thing I remember, it’s that I and my mother go to a certain bank’s main office to deposit money for our future lot. Yes, my parents have been allotting money for buying a lot. However, thinking back, I think we could have saved more and life could have been easier if my parents only know something concrete about home mortgage. 10 years could have been lived in a house we own, cutting off monthly rental fees, and instead channeling the rent money to further household investments. If you are planning to buy a property, I think you should act fast. Mortage Network Finders is here to help you out in choosing what kind of mortgage to avail of that suits your needs and capacity as a debtor. Mortgage Network Finders has been around since 1995 so its competence as one-stop best stop site for mortgage loans could not be dented with questions on credibility. You can easily browse their mortgage offers by visiting their site and interactively finding the best mortgage for you: from the drop down menu, you can select the type of service (home purchase, home refinance, equity line), property type (condo, townhome, etc.), and credit rating.

The Philippine Expeditionary Force to Korea

You know a lot of Wars, the mock and the great. But there is one War that could have been relegated to the oblivious hemisphere of your brain. It was that War where 7,000 Filipinos fought in to reclaim Freedom that could not be their own. It was a battle that showered a foreign land with blood of rare valiance; the blood of those who fell in the Korean War.

If you want to hear firsthand accounts from a Korea War veteran, give this a click. I think your time will be better spent reading that than poring over the hottest male and female Korean stars.

By the way, have you ever wondered why a Filipino would wear this kind of clothing?

(image taken from a 500-peso bill)