Friday, July 18, 2008

My Psychotic Heart

It is very difficult to harbor Mutual Love, especially if you're not sure that the other person shares the same feeling. ML is a psychotic hallucination of the heart, a mirage that you'd like to capture only to find out at the end that it indeed is a mirage--nothing more, nothing less.
전 진짜 미친다! T__T

The Green & Leafy Blog

I am really amazed at how the Internet is being used for desirable ends. Information is power, and easy and free access to it can guarantee a net benefit for society. I happen to stumble upon Nisha’s blog, which is about Pregnancy and parenting, childbirth, parenting and women and child issues. One can find here healthy recipes that anyone might just enjoy, especially the kids. Topics range from not-so-commonplace to ethically contestable: Parenting issues like MJ’s bad parenting was blogged about, why sex determination in India is banned by law, and children’s rhymes and songs are some of the niceties that you can find in this blog. Layout-wise, Nisha’s “motherhood” blog also offers a refreshing place to lounge at, especially with the fresh green theme color that signifies new life.