Friday, June 27, 2008

Lying is a By-product

I hate liars. I hate lying. But I sometimes can't help spouting petty lies. I think I made another one today and I was convicted about what the Bible says: Liars go to hell. I thought about it for a while and I realized that lying is, in and of itself, not the sin. The underlying reason why one lies is because one does not do the right thing. Lying is a cherry on top of sins galore.

I know, Jesus said that one should not tell a lie. That is a categorical statement. No exceptions entertained. However, there are morally ambiguous situations where one can't help but to tell white lies. And I'm sure that you've heard people saying that there's no such thing as a black or white lie. Black, or white or pink, some lies even result to desirable ends and some are just plainly benign. I wonder if one tells the truth, even if in the short- term it would have unpleasant results, perhaps in the long-term, it would result to a more positive outcome, or an eternally rewarding repercussion in heaven.

Anyway, one thing is clear to me. I lie because I do wrong things. I told myself: "Do the right things and lying would become unnecessary. Period." But then, would that mean I can't stop weaving lies?