Thursday, February 19, 2009

AUN – GIST Scholarship on Science and Technology

The cooperation between the AUN and the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) has been initiated in October 2005 with the signing the Memorandum of Understanding. The co-operation aims to promote human resource development in Sciences & Technology by providing the scholarship in Ph.D. and Master Studies in these areas.

This program offers 10 scholarships to ASEAN students to study Master's (4 scholarships) and Doctoral (6 scholarships) degrees in science and technology for 2-4 years (2 for Master’s degree and 4 for Doctoral degree). The scholarship covers tuition fee, airplane ticket, accommodation and living allowance.

Now the AUN Secretariat is accepting the application for the university staff and students in related department to GIST, Republic of Korea.

GIST offers the following (sub)disciplines:
□ Information & Mechatronics (SIM)
□ Materials Science & Engineering (MSE)
□ Environmental Science & Engineering (ESE)
□ Life Science (LS)
□ Photon Science & Technology (PhoST)
□ Medical System Engineering (SMSE)

Download the application for AY 2009 here.
Click here for more information.

Good luck guys! Tee-hee!