Monday, July 7, 2008

Top 10 Entre Card Droppers

I'd like to express my gratitude to the following Entre Card droppers:

Crissy's Heaven
Work at Home Mom Revolution
Life in Korea
The Spirit of Blogging
Girl for All Status
The Super Goddess
Bored Room
Real Man Toys
A Simple Life
Work at Home Mom Revolution
This Side of Eternity

Thank you all! Maraming Salamat!
Let's continue the EC revo!

Art Speaks

I admire people who walk their talk. In the blogsphere, people who are faithful to their self-anointed descriptions and live up to their titles are quite difficult to find. You can be a mommy with a lot of (your sister’s) children photos in your blog; you could be an I.T. expert with a lot of copy-pasted materials from Netgear; but you could never be a web designer if your own blog is in need of a major overhaul. Good thing I’m not a self-proclaimed web artist. My blogs easily gives me away. T___T I found this walking-the-talking blog of a freelance web designer and I found her banner to be a real eye-candy. The object of the art composition (yes, I think what she made deserves this title) are flowers, which are drawn using pastel, vectors, and color pencils. In all the elements of her blog you can see art. It’s very refreshing to read entries with a nice green background; enticing to click on elegantly lettered links; nice to visit her blog in general. ^^;

Prease Googer! Arigatoo.

My current PR (please don’t ask) prompts me to constantly look for ways on how to improve my Google rank. As much as I don’t want to reckon Google as the god of the blogsphere (my homepage is Yahoo! since net immemorial), I just can’t be harping on lost opportunities from advertisers. I am resolved. I have to do whatever html-ly possible to boost my blog’s rank. 도움을 줄까요? ^^; Using Yahoo! to look for some answers, I came across this blog , which can answer my long-standing question: How to create and promote a blog? Youlkisblog is very purist. Thankfully it posts only tips on blog promotion and improvement. I think you won’t find anything tangential to its theme; a total contrast to my blog. Well, sometimes variety breaks boredom. I am not saying that this blog is boring though. In fact, I think it’s well-defined and specialized that you might not want to look for another blog-resource. Try giving this blog a shot if you’re looking for easy-to-understand reference on starting and improving your blog.

Learning the Curve

My aunt has been into blogging for more than 3 years. She encouraged me way back then to start a blog since it can rake in some cash. I didn’t believe her. Things that are too good to be true are usually bogi (KWIM? ^^;). Anyway, here I am now trying to catch up with the lost time. I think I’m making some progress though. But the learning curve of blogging is one heck of a curve! I have to become a member of various blog networking sites, make acquaintances, and adhere to the value of reciprocity. I was also able to learn from skilled bloggers such as those in my blog roll. I was able to get useful tips and tricks on how to increase my page rank (which for whatever reason still flaunts a goodness gracious PR 0), what plugins to install, what networking groups to join. Not to mention walk-throughs on working online. This blog features an assortment of posts from movies, music, graphics, and site reviews. For new bloggers, this site can teach you how to make your site not just a humdrum blog.