Thursday, September 18, 2008

Can You Read This?

I always believe that nothing could top the benefits natural medication can offer. I have proven its efficacy over relatively artificial means when I was trying to rid my face of facial rubies and topazes. Tomatoes plus lemon juice did wonders. Now I am free of pimples and zits but my eyesight is becoming poorer because of my 8-hour-on-the-PC-screen job. My friend, who is a more avid fan of natural means, has sent me an email that could give hope to my ailing eyes. Pinhole glasses, an alternative to prescription glasses , is scientifically hailed to naturally correct the angular entrance of light that comes through the eyes. Honestly, I have never heard about pinhole eyeglasses before but I do believe that the basis of this eye correction product is scientifically sound. The most common visual illness is refractive eye disorder. This category includes myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, astigmatism, computer vision syndrome or cataracts. Basically, the function of the lens to refract the absorbed light has been distorted, or ill-refracted, resulting to poor eyesight. My vision is not yet as bad as to require the help of prescription glasses. But when bad comes to worse, then I will definitely try pinhole glasses. I think it does look hip and trendy. It does match my fashion sense of being a bit stand-out among the crowd of humdrum clothes wearers. This is not the main reason that I’d try this, though. The engineering principle, the science behind pinhole eyeglasses, its affordability, and its natural ability to correct one’s vision, are the things that convince me to try this product out. Speaking of affordability, I think I would order one for my younger sister come payday. Her myopic condition is congenital and she’s currently wearing prescription glasses. The price is a bit wallet-flattening, and considering that she has to eventually change them punches another financial hole on my pocket. For 14U$D, I could give her the chance to a better vision through this natural and innovative product.