Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Seeing Christmas with a Different Lens

Christmas is in the air. Last week, I had to shop for gifts. I just received my Christmas bonus so my purse is empowered to splurge for other people. The feeling is much better when you’re giving, and the amount I spent didn’t haunt me in my sleep. I still need to buy a few things for my best friends because I shop separately for them. I plant to buy Eugen fashion eyeglasses since she likes wearing a pair even if her vision is fine. Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical would be a good way to gauge the looks of offline eyeglasses. I browsed the popular online eyeglasses shop and found this pair particularly elegant. And since a pair just costs $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses, Zenni eye wear just fits my budget. I think I’ll be ordering from this site instead.

Frame Color Choices: Silver/Raspberry with pattern temples, or Pink/Purple with pattern temples.
A medium narrow size, fashion full-rim frame with pattern temples.

A Break from Monotony

I just got my new domain! ^^;
I'd appreciate it if you could link A Break from Monotony on your site.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Your Space in Cyberspace

It was just recently that I discovered the net to be a real gold mine. My aunt has been encouraging me to set up an online space—could be a blog or a shop—to help me boost my revenues even when I’m at home. This freely hosted blog did spare me from the monthly wi-fi bills. However, unique .com domains seem to have greater potentials, especially if you want to make your online space more than just a diary. Of course, with your own domain you can also fully customize your page. Web hosting is the way around the limited features of your freely hosted domains. The best pay you to post websites usually require bloggers to have their own unique domains. Their rates are higher than the rest of the lot, and they give easier tasks. I started scouring the net for a good web hosting site and have stumbled on web hosting, which is a website that features independent, unbiased, and professional web hosting reviews. The homepage is very easy on the eye; yes, I was scouring, and the pursuit itself could be very tiring, but the layout is very straightforward. You can see top web hosting providers ranked under a single column, their basic features, special and bonus features, and of course, hosting feedback. Reviews featured here are all independent reviews of hosting websites under $10. Cheap doesn’t usually mean bad. We all deserve a stable, feature-packed web hosting blog that can make our blogging lives easier, more fun, and more profitable. Check out Web Hosting and read through web hosting awards: best budget hosting, best blog hosting, best ecommerce hosting, etc. If you want more professional reviews, then scroll down through the page and click on webhosting reviews according to hosting pundits.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

When Luck and Hardwork Collides

Nobody really has to start from scratch. These days my mom and dad are thinking of investing our last ace to business; my father is retiring and how the separation pay would be invested would be the make or break of our immediate future. I thought it would be nice if I’d give them biographies of people who have become successful in the realm of entrepreneurship. Jim Piccolo is one of my parents’ contemporaries so I recommend them to take a look at his biography. They have considered opening up an English school here for underprivileged children so Mr. Jim Piccolo’s experiences are really invaluable. Mr. Jim Piccolo is currently the chairperson and CEO of Nouveau Riche University, an institute for higher education that specializes in real estate investment. Mr. Jim Piccolo’s business acuity and twenty years of business experience have made him one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time. Not only has he have stakes in the education market and in the manufacturing sector but he also has prove his ability to create niches that are “outside” of his specialty. He is now a nationally-recognized, after-market, sport-truck accessory maker and designer. Opportunities are bucketful. I’d like my parents to hit the jackpot in the market as well. Who knows, if things go really well, we could really open an English institute. I’ll be the first one to enroll. ^^;

Friday, November 7, 2008

November Sun

I was disappointed when I lost one of my sunglasses because of my carelessness. I slipped it into one of my bag’s zipper-less pockets. I thought nothing would happen to it as the pocket was relatively secure. But yeah, the bus was crowded and I think it was pickpocketed by God knows who. Anyhow, I am definitely going to buy a replacement. Those glasses were not really expensive but are resistant against scratch (vulnerable to pickpockets) and have a durable frame. It was exactly like one of those Zenni Optical glasses. Zenni offers great eyeglasses for less. I wonder why people buy uber expensive, signature glasses when the public wouldn’t bother to know what’s beyond the face value. If you’re looking for great lenses for an affordable price, try out Zenni. Variable dimension frames from Zenni shouldn’t be missed out. Also, if you’ve been recently watching TV, Zenni Optical was on FOX news!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Two faces of Horeb.
Halloween '08 at Starbucks.

Do you really think I smoke?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Free Image Source for Bloggers

Free blog image |
Sometimes I forget to include images in my posts. Well, it’s not really that I forget. It’s more of because I’m kinda lazy to scour the net for appropriate images for my posts. Sometimes I use deviant art, but I feel compelled to cite the origin of the drawing. It’s always better to include even a single relevant picture in one’s post because 1) people could be drawn to reading the whole blog post, 2) people can easily understand and crystallize in their minds what your entry was about 3) people would keep on coming back to your site, if only for the interesting pictures. If you are looking for free blog images, you really have to try Acobox service. This website offers free images for bloggers so you wouldn’t have to worry about proper referencing of the sources of you image; they sometimes ruin the whole post for you. What is good about Acobox is that it’s very easy to search for images. There is a search box where you can scavenge relevant photos for your blog post. You can also search using filters: animals, landscape, nature, etc. Take your pic. Sign up on Acobox and start using images worry-free.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sight of Affluence

A website layout tells more about site than any homepage graphics or introductory remarks. I especially like Nouveau Riche’s innovative web layout where organization, professionalism, vivacity, and success are reflected. More than just being an eye candy to visitors, the real estate university’s website provides a clutter-free presentation of what the institution can offer. Nouveau Riche offers cutting-edge curriculum for students having a penchant for real estate investment. The university ensures that its graduates will have the best brew of real estate astuteness by mixing theory, concepts, hands-on, practicality, and real life experiences in classroom instruction. Nouveau Riche is also offering extensive workshops for people having the same goals and interests. Participants can take part in case studies, classroom discussion and role-plays that can aid better information retention. The learning approach in Nouveau Riche is non dogmatic, far from traditional, and like its website layout, innovative. If you feel that you have a knack for real estate investment, or even if you don’t feel like you have the “it”, you can try to visit the university’s site and explore the things it offers for the wealthy people in the making. Experience professional facilitation from expert instructors in Nouveau Riche.

Behind the Pile of Clothes (is a hidden cam)

I found this old uploaded file in my Multiply page. She's my sister who's a wanna-be singer (but she's got the "it" already, don't you agree?). In this clip she sang a Charlotte Church and a Vanessa Carlton song. She was just 11 here.