Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Not a Salaryman Forever

I am seriously saving money for my future entrepreneurial endeavors. Having a job, or being a salary man is only a temporary solution to a long-term problem, which is unemployment. I want to open a restaurant business with my parents. My father is a chief cook in a luxury ship, and with his competence and 22 years of experience, I am quite confident that the foods would be extraordinary. My mom is a cold kitchen specialist. She can make good salads and pastries. If my savings would not be enough to fund the opening of our family business, I think the next best step is to apply for a business loan. These days, a lot of loaning services are made accessible through the internet. Applying for business loans, especially unsecured ones, is quite a pleasant idea considering that my parents know how to effectively manage money; they can always make money work for them. Loans for business purposes is also not a scary prospective. People always think that loans are evils that eventually bury borrowers under humongous debts. Well, if one is borrowing for a business, then this should not be too much of a concern. Learn how to break-even when business is not doing well, know how to diversify and make your items quite stand out from others, and I think you’ll not going to be bankrupt. You’ll be able to pay the debt eventually. Amen. ^^;