Friday, February 24, 2012

EDSA Revolution 2.25.1986

The EDSA Revolution has freed the Philippines from the clutches of corrupt authoritarian rule. The world was in awe with what it saw transpired from the ground: all classes converged in public spaces to topple what they deemed to be a common enemy of democracy and progress. However,...

EDSA Revolution remains only indicative of what has been and what ought to be. Sadly,the people's victory is but a mongrel produced by a cross of a stupid politicians, misshapen public culture and historical amnesia.

What is there to do? Plenty, actually.

But I guess we don't need another revolution. As a student of international relations (and realist at that!), I should be focusing on rooting out the systemic problems in cases at hand. But as I see it, the only thing Filipinos haven't tried in order to effect change is the attempt to transform one's self.

The revolution in one's self might just be needed. It doesn't take a genius, or riches, or education to do this. I believe humans are endowed with a universal knowledge of basic right and wrong. And if we start to adhere to this standard of mere righteousness, then genuine change can inch its way to our country.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Scholarship in Korea, Ewha Women's University

Korea’s top university for women is now accepting international students. So to all female non-Koreans out there this could be the chance you’ve been waiting for! And yeah, two co-ed universities are just a block away from Ewha campus. Seeing good-looking guys ain't impossible!

Application deadlines:
April 9(Mon), 2012 ~ May 15(Tuse), 2012

International applicants should meet all of the following requirements.
1) Nationality Requirement
International applicants must be female foreign nationals whose parents are both of foreign nationality.
2) Education Requirement
A. Undergraduate Freshman Applicants or have done Bachelors(for Masters) or have done Masters (for PhD)
2) Language Proficiency Requirement
Applicants must meet one of the following language requirements.
A. Applicants who have obtained a 3rd level(Undergraduate) / 4th level(Transfer and Graduate) certificate or above in Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK).
B. Applicants who have one of the following scores for the specific English proficiency test: a minimum of 550 in the TOEFL PBT; a minimum of 210 in the TOEFL CBT; a minimum of 80 in the TOEFL IBT; a minimum of 550 in the TEPS, a minimum 5.5 level in the IELTS, a minimum of 685 in the TOEIC.
C. Applicants who have obtained a high school diploma or a degree from Korean or English speaking institutions.
D. Applicants who have been recognized by Ewha Womans University as possessing sufficient proficiency in Korean or English language
Those who have a 3rd level in TOPIK are required to satisfy the 4th level or above language proficiency conditions in Ewha Language Center before taking regular courses.

For more information about the admission and scholarship please visit
and you can download all the forms and admission guide.
This is the school’s portal.

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