Monday, December 23, 2013

Where does your money go when you invest in Philam Strategic Growth Fund?

Saving in mutual funds is a smart way of making your money work for you. It may sound cliche but what many people do not realize is that mutual fund earnings can offset loan interest rates. For example, you loaned as condo payment 1.8M pesos from the bank at 9% per year, and your mutual fund grows at 17% per year (which is the historical growth rate of Philam Funds), then at the end of the loan tenor, you could have paid the bank interest rate (around 3M) with your mutual fund earnings (around 3.4M)!

There are more to mutual funds than just becoming better off and shaving off loan interests.

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Investment and Mutual Funds Earnings

Here's a real-life, data driven lesson for everyone.

If you open an investment account (via Colfinancial, Philam, Sun, etc.) worth P5,000, with a cumulative 48% returns in 5 years:

Investment: Your P5,000 will have become P7,400 even while you're sleeping.

Traditional Savings: If you have P5,000 in a bank, after 5 years, you have P5,052.

LESSON: Save up wisely.

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Reducing Tax Payment in the Philippines

If you put it in perspective, at least 35% ng salary mo ay kinakaltas ng gobyerno. Happy? Bukod pa diyan ang consumer tax at evat tuwing bumibili ka ng patis.

May takas ba dito? Meron (beams confidently)!~
Tara at alamin. ^__^

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When Money isn't the most important thing...But...

Material resources free us to achieve higher level values, which can consequentially unlock other higher level values. Then at some point, the utility of these material endowments will taper off. And we'll have to look for happiness, love, contentment that will feed the eternal, higher order need that humans find elusive...that no amount of money can buy.