Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lee Min Ho's Photo Gallery

Last night was a big bash. I've met my college batch mates at UPLB, some of them I've never met since our graduation four years ago. We talked about a lot of good stuff and it was just a relief to know that nobody in our batch is unemployed. After all the arcane and pedantic chats characteristic of UP student gatherings, we leavened up the night with talks on Korea and Japanese culture and soaps. All the girls were gaga with Lee Min Ho and other Boys Over Flowers cast. They even asked me if I saw him in person when I was in Korea. Advanced presents like Min Ho notebooks, postcards, pillows were also asked from me, as if I'm sure that I'd be in Korea again next year. But since I love my girlfriends, I'll just give tbem a lifeline till I can buy (or sell! *grins) them those:

Click here to drown in your own saliva. It's Min Ho's Cyworld, the Korean counterpart of Facebook/Friendster. Tons of pictures with my alterego.
I can hear ya! All right! I'm just kidding! o.O