Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spa in Seoul

Only two weeks are left before the spring semester ends. Exams. Papers. Stress level: 100, Word count: 0.
I had to do something to at least make my body feel relaxed. I hope my mind follows after the matter.
It took an hour and a half to go to a spa in Apgujeong, Seoul that I saw on TV. It is owned my Lee Mi Na, a Korean news anchor. As is expected of spas, the ambiance is very relaxing and the minty scent just adds up to the relaxing and "happifying" feeling. The attendants are very courteous, too. They ushered be to wait on the couch for a while and served me a good brew of jasmine tea. I changed my clothes to a white robe and had a foot bath. I got an hour-long massage and facial, which were really, really super nice. I can't describe with words the tactile satisfaction I got from it but it was sooOo good. I'll go back there again for another detox session.

They offer various services (different kinds of peels, slimming, Oxygen treatment, Power Massage for Men,gold face pack, etc.) but I only availed the basic facial and massage.

How to go to Spa d' El:
Take the orange line. Get of at Apgujeong Station (after Shinsa Station). Take exit 4 and walk straight. After around 30 steps, you'll see Body Shop to your right. Go straight ahead and you'll see Global Plastic Surgery. It's a huge building and you won't miss it. Turn right. Walk for about 30 seconds and you'll see a huge church (forgot the name but it's made of red bricks) to the right. Opposite that church is the Spa. It's located on the 6th floor.

피곤해서 압구정 Spa d' El 갔고 마사지 잘 받았어요. 진짜 좋고 만족이었어요. 스파 가는 길: 압구정역, 4출구 나가고 똑바로 가서 (한3분) Global 성형 외과 볼 수 있어요. 오른쪽가고 (한1분) 큰 교회 보고 Spa d' El 왼쪽에 있어요.