Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Embers of Confession

There are mornings when I wake up in a trance even before I eat breakfast and I just feel compelled to write the words down. They flow from nowhere and it's a waste not to grab them by the tail. So here's today's catch.

Embers of Confession

Behind the ember walls you hide,
Struggling to disclose your spirit.
The ashen chimney, and the frosted walls
Belie to your self,
What is behind the ember doors.

Through the glass I stare,
With dried drops of rain, those impure specks!
Hazing my sight of you,
The fumes that billow they don't help,
Clouding the carnal imagery we suppress.

I burst through your ember doors, for I couldn't help it.
And what a being to see!
Your hands gracefully lying on the edge of the bed,
Grasping a photo, of me, fevered with embers of desire...

Squeeze out your remaining courage
And let's jump out the window.
You and I, dead on the grass.
Birds feasting on our love-soaked corpse.