Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Money in a Jiffy

I avert incurring debt as much as possible. But life nowadays has been quite difficult for me. Prices of commodities have skyrocketed without any foreseeable end. Transportation fare has increased tremendously that I find it excruciating to draw money from my already malnourished purse. As a working student, sometimes it becomes inevitable that I have to pay for urgent expenses—my wi-fi bill, electricity bill (I shoulder our house’s electricity bill), transportation expenses (which takes 15% of my monthly salary), clothes, vitamins, vygeine (vanity + hygiene items), etc. Well, that’s not all. I am also paying for things I bought on an installment basis. Yeah, I am really pressed for money this month. I’m so pressed that I think I am going to resort to short-term loaning companies. While I was looking for a local lending firm, I came across this payday cash advance website, which is Easy Online Payday Loan. I was particularly enticed with its cognizance of lending laws assuring debtors that they will not spiral down into long term inextricable pit of death…I mean debt (no wonder they sound almost the same). I think Easy Online Payday Loan is quite a credible funding source for those who need cash in a jiffy. If you’re looking for a lender, then just sign up in this site and it will find a suitable lender for you that can professionally, and hopefully humanistically, handle your needs.

Life is What You Make It

There is no boring life. Each and every one of us has unique stories to tell and we are all award-winning directors in our own right. I recently stumbled upon a very personal blog of Ms. Jane who is a Filipina, now residing in the United States. I wonder about how she made a transition from living in Nueva Ecija (a not so developed province in the Philippines) to the Seattle, USA. She has been living there for 12 years already. I wanted to hear her mini stories for I wanted to emigrate once…Leaving a culture and a way of living must have not been a piece of cake for her, or for anyone who has immigrated. Ms. Jane says: Life Is What You Make It">Life Is What You Make It"> . She must have played her cards well. Or fate must have been just smiled at her. Or it could be both. In her blog you can find all sorts of stories ranging from personal to informative to critical content. I think you’d enjoy hanging around her blog. Do give it a visit.

It's More of a Win-Win Situation

I have not realized the value of having an insurance company covering my skin when something unwanted happens. Of course, it is but common sense that insurance companies win 99% of the time because: 1) they have at their disposal the right-hemisphered people doing all the risk computations for them, 2) you would not want to be sick, your car damaged in a crash, or a loved one suffering from a chronic disease, 3) assuming that you are careful with your valuables, that includes your life, would mean reducing the probability of the insurance company paying for your lack of good luck. But then no one could predict the future. And paying a relatively small amount of premium to an insurance company would at least give you psychological comfort if nada nada happens. Recently, I have heard from my Korean friend that he accidently crashed onto another car and the fault was his. It was good that he has an auto insurance. Though that insurance just covered for the other person’s car and not his own, the expenses the accident incurred was made a little bit less hefty. If you don’t want to play chances, visit EZ Insurance Portal. It is a comprehensive site where you can avail of home, auto, health, and life insurance. Visit their insurance blog as well for more info.

Wheeling on Your Own

Wanting to have your dream car? Or are you modest enough just to own a used car for family purposes like whenever you want to go some place and have some fun you’ll have the luxury of not having to commute? Whichever your choice is, owning a car is not as difficult as you think. Car loan provides a quick, easy and secure way of having your very own four wheels. It might not be the elegant Ferrari of your dreams, but at least you’ll be able to increase your mobility with confidence and comfort. Despite the skyrocketing oil price, I am still encouraged to buy even a second-hand car. Eventually, if things go well for hybrid ones, then I’ll just This website is very easy to navigate. The links are organized to places where you would expect them to be. At the bottom of the page there is About Us (provides you with a sense of credibility for the website; of course shelling a few thousand dollars is not a game most people can play), Contact Us (for some inquiries about auto loan services) and site map. Links for Loan for new cars, loan for used cars and refinancing are also present at the homepage so you will not get flooded with all unnecessary things. Just focus on what you need, click and auto loan will do the rest for you.