Sunday, July 27, 2008

Farewell to My Fave: Sung Si Kyung's Here in My Heart Album

Sung Si Kyung joins the list of stars releasing a new album before enlisting for mandatory military service. Hailed as the "King of Ballad" since his debut in 2000, Sung has maintained solid popularity with a string of hits like Miso chonsa ("Smiling Angel"), Neon Kamdongi eosseo ("You Touched My Heart"), GeoriESeo ("On The Street"), and Han bun deo yi byeol ("Another Goodbye"). While touring across the country over the past year, Sung immersed himself in deep introspection, searching for the identity of a true musician. Now, carrying a new sense of maturity and appreciation for his music and his fans, the singer releases his much-awaited sixth album Here In My Heart.

Written in collaboration with Yoo Hee Yeol (a.k.a. Toy), the principal track An nyeong na euh sarang ("Goodbye, My Love" - Track 4) bears sadness beneath the upbeat melody. As if making his personal farewell, the song rolls out heartfelt lyrics like "this could be my last gift to you" and "it'll be okay, goodbye my love". In addition, the titular song Here In My Heart (Track 1) is a modern folk ballad written by Yoo. Besides Sung's own creative contribution, many noteworthy talents also participated in the making, namely, Kim Hyun Cheol, Kim Kwang Jin, Noh Young Shim, Hwang Sae Joon, and Lee Seong Hwan. Other highlights include pop ballad Noon bu shin go baek ("Luminous Confession" - Track 8) and pop oldie Geu dae wah choom eul ("Dance With You" - Track 6).

Track List:
01 여기 내 맘속에 (Yogi Ne Mamsoge)
02 어디에도 (Odi-ye do)
03 더 아름다워져 (Doh Areumdawochyo)
04 안녕 나의 사랑 (Annyeong Na-e Sarang)
05 잃어버린 것들 (Iroborin)
06 그대와 춤을 (Gu-dewa Chumeul)
07 Baby You Are Beautiful
08 눈부신 고백 (Nunbushin Gobek)
09 사랑하는 일 (Saranghaneun Il)
10 소풍 (Sopung)
11 당신은 참.. (Dangshineun Cham)

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