Saturday, December 22, 2012

Teaching Job in Korea

A repost from Pinoy Iskolars in Korea (PiKo)

Recruitment for kindergarten Multicultural teacher 

GL Education Company is developing and providing contents on multicultural education program with kindergartens or day care center since 2008. It is planned to recruit & train foreign people in Korea as multicultural teacher in according to increasing of the membership kindergartens. 

1) What is multicultural education?
Foreign country teacher visits kindergartens or day care center once a week (for 6 weeks) and teaches his & her own country’s culture such as traditional food, old & modern house, natural environment, traditional song & dance. The teacher speaks to kids by their own language not in English nor in Korean. It is aimed that kids can experience a lot of foreign different countries" cultures in person.

2) Qualifications for Application.
- Foreigners those who are students in university or college more than 6 months duration.
- Those who were graduated in high school or above
- Who doesn’t have reasons for disqualification for job in health & identification

3) Working Hours (Lunch & Traveling is not included)
- within 3 hours in a day (Starting time can be different by school’s working conditions, usually from 10a.m .in the morning but some schools can start at 12 o’clock)

4) Wages
- ₩ 50,000 a day

5) Documents
- A copy of resume, A copy of certificate of alien registration

6). Process of recruitment
- Documents submitted → Interview → Individual contact who passed above qualifications
→ (Those who passed above process will be having 6 hours of training course

For Inquiries

Phone: (031)907-7401, 010-5177-7462 (Kim Young Hee)