Friday, August 8, 2008

Go Team Philippines

Let's show our support to the Philippine Team in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China!

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A.I. (Androidal Infatuation)

A woman who won't die, whose beauty will not wither...
Eternal Maiden Actualization

When I read this article about EMA, an anthropomorphic toy robot that kisses and smooches its--or her--owner, my initial reaction was to ask "why" would this kind of toy be manufactured? A robot that is intended to simulate the expression of human intimacy is 10x more unconventional than Tamagochi, if not more. It is not impossible for people to cathect* EMA as a human being; they wouldn't let EMA fall off a flight of stairs while anyone could just drop and break a Tamagochi without feeling the pangs of guilt.

I don't know.

Perhaps if EMA will be made more sophisticated, more like David (Hayley Joel Osment, A.I.), problems with "meaning" would surface. If we are making inanimate objects more animate, more human-like, wouldn't it be just right to accord them some love and respect, since what we are respecting essentially are the values that spring from their being human...? Equally important is the concern about the people who would fall in love with the future EMA, a.k.a Eternal Maiden Actuality in the far-shot future.

*to invest emotional energy