Sunday, April 11, 2010

Job Opportunity in Japan (sic)

Teach in Japan this April.

Current open positions:
290.000 yen x 10 months.
April 100.000 yen.
August 100.000 yen.
Total 3.4 million yen.

Mon to Friday.
Jr high schools / ele
One year from April 2010. To march 2011.

Start april 16. Must relocate.
Can sponsor visa but must have visa.
Can assist in housing.
Native speaker.
Experience is important.

If match with conditions please reply with 1- name. 2- Nationality. 3- Visa type. 4- Expire date. 5- Experience. 6- Phone number.

Send your application to:
Only applicants who are willing to relocate need to apply.