Thursday, March 10, 2011

Comfy shoes make all the difference!

If there's anything that I can find inconvenient here in Korea is that it is my having to walk a lot. Unlike in the Philippines where tricycles can transport people for short distances, for example, in subdivisions or baranggays (dong in Korean), people just go on foot to reach their destination. If you're in a subway, one transfer can take you a good one kilometer of walking, 50 or more flights of stairs (elevators are only for the differently abled, elderly, and the pregnant) to have you panting, and another 300 meters of walking to reach a bus stop. Summer and winter do not help much at all, but being a biped is something to be thankful for during Spring and Autumn.

Now, if you're going to Korea, anticipate this. There's no way you'll enjoy the city and the fringes if you won't slip on those comfy pair of shoes. Not that you have to rid yourself of fashion and height (I sometimes wear height-enhancing insoles because Korean men are relatively taller than me, and I'm already 5'8"). You just have to wear flats if you're going out shopping and sight-seeing. Given the imperative of having to walk and enjoy at the same time has made me decide on investing in a very comfortable shoes, not to mention a pair that can also at least deliver a cm or two height increase! ;D

It was Sketchers Shape Ups that did the trick. Not only that it promises improved posture, blood circulation, and soft workout while walking, it did give me an inch of height so I can walk long distances without having to strain my back and my toes. Promenading in Shape Ups also feels like walking on clay; the shoes change their contour according to where my feet puts on more pressure. You'd likely to sweat more than if you were wearing your regular shoes, especially if you're going uphill, but wearing Shape Ups still is such a pleasure you'd have more energy walking and enjoying your travel in Korea.