Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Chuseok to Remember

Chuseok was a definite week-long break from the monotony of my university life. Not only because I had to go to Daejeon from Seoul, but moreso because I had to brave the knee-high flood in Bucheon area. It was beyond my imagination that Korean streets could be inundated with much water that subway lines need to be closed. But I had to go to Seoul station to catch the express train (KTX) bound for Daejeon. With my feet soaked in muck-smelling water, I went to the Green Line via taxi. It took me about an hour to reach the Light Blue Line, as I can transit from there to Seoul Station. But lo and behold! The Light Blue Line was also closed. Without any choice, I had to literally criss-cross Seoul City's interwoven subway lines so I catch the KTX on time. I didn't. I arrived in Seoul Station two hours behind my time of departure. With my feet icky with flood water and jeans dripping with ewwweness , the thought of just going back to the dormitory had predominated my mind. I had to rebel and I had to win over the situation. Another 22,900 won was painfully extricated from my wallet and I got off Daejeon Station half-irked, half-happy, but a total survivor.