Monday, February 2, 2009

An Urbanite's Must-have

I’ve lived my life as a student taking the public transportation, but I could say that have I had my own car, commuting would have been a lot easier. You just can’t imagine how horrible riding a jeepney is. It’s our countries most ubiquitous vehicle; an open-air modified military jeep that lets you eat all the dust as it cuts through the moderately traffic streets. Now that I’m working, I won’t allow myself to enter our air-conditioned office smelling like a concoction of unwanted elements. I asked my dad a number of times to buy me a car from the used autos shop, but only to find out later that my mother has already suggested a new “house project” that certainly would displace my wheeled proposal. This time, she didn’t succeed. My bid for a used car has won over her new gas range. I and my dad went two months ago to the used cars shop and test-drove cars of different makes. I picked the Toyota Vios 2006 model. Well, if you’re like me who sees having a car as an urban dweller’s necessity, impede your mobility no more b visiting used cars or new autos shop. Autotropolis is a website that can help you select a used car hassle-free. It has a very convenient dropdown box at the right hand side of the homepage that lets you select that make of the car, the model, maximum price and maximum distance (or mileage) run by the car. Searching for a second-hand baby is such a breeze. You can also search the site for a used car by state. You can select your state from the list or you can conveniently use the dropdown box where you can type your ZIP code. With family budgets tighter than ever, and not to mention the palpable effects of recession, buying a used car would prove to be an intelligent decision.