Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Date to Remember

pic taken in 2006

"We both have changed--features, weight, style, and so on...I'm just happy that one thing remains as is: our friendship."
Meeting a friend, an intellectual sparring-mate, an 'ate' Meranz, makes this day one of a kind. Next to change, which could be the most unchanging feature of a changing world, is our friendship that is being a not had been. We met after two years in Alabang Town Center, one of the biggest malls in our city.

Today's quotable quotes made over a cup of over-rated GMO coffee bean (kwim?):
1) If you're in a relationshp that doesn't have marriage in sight, then you're just looking for heartache.
2) I don't want to change my physical appearance so that a person could like me. For where could I attribute his feelings after I've changed?
3) Love is the crystallization of the feeling of being wanted, affirmation, economic security, a bit of physical attraction, ergo the difficulty in defining it.
4) Sojourning spares you from the peering eyes of people who know you, exempts you from social sanctions, lets you reinvent yourself to some extent, and makes life more alive.
5) If you're a manager, you really have to be at least two steps ahead from those under you.

Being both single, the topic on Love, for 90% cerebral 10% heart-type people like us, is expected to dominate the conversation. Why am I still single?. As soon as ate Meranz writes about her reasons, I'll link it to my blog. ^^; Someone fish us out!