Thursday, June 19, 2008

Winning Moment

A couple of days ago, eto nangyari. Magpapaphotocopy ako ng thesis ko so I could have a personal copy. I was wearing an aviator "bubuyog" sunglasses non and a black with red stripes, semi-fit, hooded t-shirt when the manong mangxe-xerox exclaimed:

"Uy kamukha ni Rain oh!"

Marami kasing Koreans sa UPLB. Ako naman, natawa sa loob-loob ko. Tas sabi ko:

"Manong paphotocopy nga po nito. Tatlong kopya." Aba, ang Rain, nagtagalog! hehe.

Just that. Natuwa lang ako. Yang mga ganyang tipo ng panloloko ang maganda. Socially beneficial. hehehe.

Halo-halo for the Rainy Days

It never occurred to me that I would be admitted to the in-house TESOL training program in the company I work in. My attendance was as bad as it could get plus I received an IR for something so trivial. Yeah, I was really supposed to resign, as the post below broadcasts. It just so happened that I went to work earlier than usual and I was able to talk with my supervisor, who I usually don't get to see since she goes home at 5pm; I report to work at 7pm. She informed me that I passed the screening despite my tardiness and what-nots. So today, I have to retract my resignation since the company would be subsidizing the bulk of the training fee. I was also renewed as a full-time tutor.

To be honest, I don't feel that happy. I wanted to work in ADB actually...But then it would mean renting an apartment in Ortigas; ADB HQ is 3 hours away from my residence. I have to cook my own food, I have to do laundry by myself...I have to...oh, the list goes on. The point is, I can't. I would be more willing to pay for some else's services but what would be left from my salary? I just want to experience even just for a year the empowerment having a job could bring. I am single. My parents don't oblige me to contribute to family expenditures. I can splurge all I want.

But then again, I can't envision myself working for 8 hours everyday doing the same things over and over. I look forward to doing something more dynamic, like doing some serious research and development projects (+ occasional travel) as a part of an international organization. I could be a materialistic kid but in my heart of hearts I yearn to help my countrymen extricate themselves from poverty. I see the key in policy development. ODAs, educational reform, microfinancing, community training, guillotining the old politicians and burning at the stake dirty gnasty cronies.

Yeah! \m/!