Sunday, July 6, 2008

I Remember Saying this Line

a month to go before leaving Korea...

"I am grateful to become a victim of a fairytale that has an implicit promise to never end..."


I am a member of various social networking sites but I only maintain my friendster and multiply accounts. Other networking sites, though free, are not hassle-free. Their layout is very congested. My eyes (or rather, my brain) just can’t take all the links and the possible ins and outs they offer. I think the same goes when I chose payperpost to sponsor my site in the blogging market. I just find order and system in this website. All that’s visible to you are those that are necessarily clickable, and the other optional links are relegated to the periphery of your vision. It is also very easy to browse and reserve for existing opportunities. You don’t need to wait for days just to know that your bid has been dismissed. Payperpost shows you all the opportunities available and groups them in three categories: When you see an opportunity highlighted in white, it means that it’s up for grabs; if it’s in grey, it means that it’s up for grabs—-before (so you have to act fast in reserving available opportunities); and if the opportunity is in red, it means that you’re not eligible to take on the task (either your location is discriminated or your page rank needs some more boost). If you want to get paid to blog, I really recommend payperpost.

If Only Maslow Could Blog...

It has never been easier to snoop at other people’s lives than it is at present. With blogging, things that you ought not to know have been made ought to know. There is nothing inherently wrong with this practice but I guess some bloggers just don’t know where the line to publicity begins. I appreciate posts that are intimate yet private, involving yet distant. I myself find difficulty in writing entries with this ironic description so I just bloghop and hope that I’d find a blog that’s worthy to spend time with, a blog that I’ll go back to and peruse and not just drop an EC or two. Blogs like Buhay Korea and SolLee’s Blog are just two cyber places where I like to hang out. They don't just post entries for the sake of posting; they write, they convey meaning, they are not just in for the blogging trend and virtual trophies. I hope more bloggers realize the potential of self-actualization by blogging. The The Soliloquist, is another good example. It is a “combination of expression of thoughts and sentiments, socialization, entertainment, and information.”

Just A Darling Little Slave? Think Again.

I am finding Stay at Home Mom and Working at Home mom blogs very amusing. I mean it not in a pejorative sense. On the contrary, I think moms have been empowered by the blogsphere in terms of being semi-dependent on their husbands in terms of finances. My Mom sometimes can’t help but express her discontent about being ‘just’ a homemaker ever since she was married to my father. She sometimes asked me “if she’s just gonna be like this”. I tried to explain that my father too is “just gonna be like that” because essentially, the roles they have to assume are more or less fixed on the fulcrum of parenthood. I just try to encourage both my Mom and my Dad to look for enriching hobbies aside from what they currently do. I’m recommending Travel blog to my mom. Perhaps she could get some inspiration from this new-age mommy. ^^;

Yeah, we cannot choose to alter our master role. But we can always do something else in the fringe.

But I Do Know Some Balls!

I took archery and bowling as my P.E. subjects when I was in college for I really never liked uber active sports. Rugby, football, basketball, and those hack-and-slash ball games were definitely a no-no, even if I receive an invitation plus free snacks for a basket ball tryout (this actually happened, but I declined) . I also don’t know anything substantial about these games, especially about football until I had Korean students who are really into the sports. They ask me occasionally what my favorite sports is (and I answer bowling), who my favorite soccer player is (David Beckham; I’m oblivious of other players’ names), whether soccer is famous in the Philippines (“perhaps, but I don’t play soccer"). Alas, I think in tomorrow’s class I’d be able to share something that’s soccer-related. I came acrossEPL-English Premier League while stumbling upon and it features the latest live scores and league tables of the most popular soccer league in the world.

Getting Stuck in Playing Stock

The stock market is a very volatile place for business. If you want to enter the stock and not get stuck, or worse, get flushed down the drain, then you might want to conduct some serious research on the nature and dynamics of the stock market. India’s economy is growing at a very rapid rate thanks to the booming information and telecommunications industry. I remember my Indian friend while I was in Korea who constantly gets live updates on the Indian stock market from Live NSE BSE. Apart form the tips and easy-to-understand information for pros and newbies alike, NSE BSE also provides market trends analysis, shows statistics of major gainers, major losers, and presents stock market related articles. One thing to watch out for in this blog is the the live Indian stock market monitoring. Information are up-to-date so I deem this blog a definitive resource. The blog also features reviews on stock-related news, entries on an assortment of film genres and news on sports.