Sunday, March 9, 2014

What to do when your phone gets stolen?

Nothing. Write. As always.
It wasn't exactly my phone that was stolen last night; it was merely the material transfiguration of my labor, and the loss of all antecedent values of trade-offs that were not realized due to time spent on labor. For instance, time with my family, with friends, and students, leisure, and opportunities forgone as I had to labor in exchange for purchase.

And because it is such, theft transcends its usual simplistic notion of "object lost". Therefore theft, in my sense, is the ultimate violation and sacrilege of a fellow human being.

(This extends to your tax being pilfered by corrupt politicians and other such things 'stolen'.)

VUL or Variable Unit Linked Investments--as good as it sounds?

Check your current investment policy.
Sum up your total payments and sum up the total withdrawable cash after 5 years under the 10% column.

You will NOT have earned anything. You're in a poor situation.
Do you know how to optimize your investments?