Friday, March 14, 2008

Unfolding Seasons March 15

It's Spring. Living in a country where there's only summer and summer seasons I never knew what it is like. The winds are different. It's colder, nicer and has a pine flavor to it. But more than that, I knew that the world with all its places and people is not a contrived wonder; I started to know people from 10 different nations, appreciated their differences, and acquired a perspective only one can get from immersing in an international learning ground, which is Daejeon University.

First group picture on the way to Hyehwah Culture Center for the Welcoming Lunch. The first thing I noticed about DJU is how it uses pre-molded slabs of concrete that are piled on top of each other to construct stairs and elevations. Well, that's a mark of engineering parsimony, not to mention ability.

This is Songpyeon. One Korean delicacy that I've learned to appreciate. Do you know it takes a lot of uncooked ground rice to make a small ball like this. And it only takes two or three pieces to appease your revolting tummy.

At the end of the formal opening where we introduced ourselves one by one, we took a formal group picture with the Korean buddies. Each one of us is assigned a Korean guardian angel to look over us until we can get by ourselves in the foreign land, or until they get busy and leave us just like that. Haha. Thankfully, both my buddies for the 1st and 2nd sem are real guardian angels.