Monday, May 5, 2008

Expressions Express

Dedication Post
I created this blogger account with only one thing in mind--to help me remember year 2007 I and my friends spent in Korea.
Precious Wound
I wrote this piece when I was in drama mode, few days after I arrived home.
Frozen in Time
This poem is about the aftershock of disengaging from a life I've known for 10 months. Rebounding phase.
Hope for Joy
At this point, I can say that I have overcome the longing of going back in time. This poem is about Spring in Korea and how I wanted to experience it again [in the future, so as not to be self-contradictory. ; )]. Oh, the cherry blossoms!
Still Single
The reason for my singlehood.
Creature of Habit
Post-partum depression hits again. It's about how I wanted to live in past and never move on. I know it's crazy. -_- But I think I expressed it here quite elegantly.

If there are any readers of my blog out there, I'm sorry because I can't really update the contents everyday...I'm preparing for my undergrad defense this month so, yeah, you know why I just can't afford to spend much time online.